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"A Grand Expression Of Music & Art TV"

Community TV Shows & Music Videos Our TV shows are an example of our passion for the arts. First, we would like to say thank you to all our fans, friends, family, and supporters. Our visual and performing artists have taken audiences to high places filled with extreme enjoyment in the community events. Masters have come together in the Concert Art Shows. We have broadcast over 151 shows on select networks. Our mission continues with the "Convergence Of The Visual Arts & Performing Arts". Every concert is an art show. Our scholarship students are being educated and trained through their involvement in Music And Art For Youth.

Free Community Workshops Theatrical & Painting Arts   >>>Our Community Kids Workshops (2 minute Music Video)

The Farmers Market Downtown Ventura Show   >>>The Downtown Ventura Farmers Market Show (2 Minute Music Video

Saint Pierre's New Guitar Album>>> Celebrate The Saint Pierre New Guitar Fireworks Album

The Miranda Romero 3 Minute Scholarship Interview   >>>Miranda Romero Scholarship Interview (2 minute)

The Secret Garden Show   >>>The Secret Garden Music Video

Jimmys Slice Music Video   >>>Jimmys Slice Music Video

Marian Roell Artist Music Video by Lucy Jane Scholarship Student   >>>The Marian Roell Artist Interview Music Video by Lucy Jane At Bell Arts

The Lynn LeTouneau Interview By Lucy Jane Scholarship Student   >>>The Lynn LeTourneau Interview Music Video At Bell Arts

The Velveteen Behind The Scenes Music Video   >>>The Winchesters 20th Anniversay Music Video Day One

Our Ventura TV Interview With Host, George Alger   >>>Our Ventura Lucy Jane TV Show With Host George Alger

The DaDa Workshops At The WAV   >>>The DaDa Workshops Music Video At The WAV

The Michelle Foster Interview Music Video At Bell Arts   >>>The Michelle Foster Interview Music Video At Bell Arts

The Velveteen Behind The Scenes Music Video  >>>The Velveteen Band Behind The Scenes Music Video 3:36 minutes

The Seabridge Music Video  >>>The Seabridge Music Video 2:45 minutes

"The Vasquez Rocks Music Video"  >>>The Vasquez Rocks Music Video 2 minutes

 The Art Of Nature MUsic Video >>>The California Poppy Reserve: "Art Of Nature" 3 minute music video

The Getty Villa 1 Mintute Video In The Botanical Garden   >>>Taking Our Kids To The Getty Villa 1 Minute Video

The Midwest Worldwind Tour Music Video   >>>The Midwest Worldwind Tour Music Video

 Skulls And Roses Music Video   >>>See Our Skulls And Roses Festival Music Video

TV Interview For This Show      >>>See Our WAV 1 Minute Comedy Clip

TV Interview For This Show     >>>See Our Rock Star TV Show

TV Interview For This Show    >>>See Our Beach World TV Show

First Kittens Born At WAV    >>>First Kittens Born At The WAV

The Secret Garden Concert Art Show   >>>The Classical Guitar Masters Show PR At The Secret Garden (2 minute)

The Rad Grad Bash Music Video   >>>The Rad Grad Bash Music Video (5 minutes)

We Support Our Peers Video   >>>We Support Our Peers Fundraising Program

Pictured above with Saint Pierre**** is Visual Artist, Master Poet and Writer, Geoff Pocock.     >>>>More On The Artist    Music video releases & music albums are available to enjoy our performing & visual artists. Share their music & art works with friends & family to enjoy our cultural heritage. ****Saint Pierre appears courtesy of Green Light Records.

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The Concert Art Shows are produced by Saint Pierre in the New Art City, Ventura. The CAPS TV Control Room is pictured above. "Every Concert Is An Art Show". We celebrate the cultural arts. Thank you to all our fans, staff, and volunteers.

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