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Music And Art For Youth

 Music & Art For YouthMusic & Arts YouthMusic & Art For Youth
"Helping Young Artists To Create Their Vision"
Our fund raising cause that remains close to home! An investment in the kids!)

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MUSIC AND ART FOR YOUTH: has a strong, yet simple mission statement to consider for your involvement.


We are dedicated to help provide opportunities to nurture our youth to achieve their artistic dreams and goals. We seek out young generation gifted youth with the desire and potential talent in music and art. These extraordinary individuals are financially unable to provide the means to nurture their goals. We are a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. Our help to the kids, with your donation, includes the provision through our exclusive funding for:

  • Musical Instruments

  • Art Supplies

  • Music & Art Lessons

  • Opportunities To Perform & Exhibit Their Art  

Nominations are accepted via e-mail or U.S. first class mail. The nomination must include full contact information of all parties involved, including nominator, parent(s), and youth. Contact information must include youth's & parent(s) name, address, e-mail, youth age, and direct parental telephone number for parental authorization and approval. A personal interview may be conducted with selected applicants. We will observe & consider their current work or portfolio when supplied by you or the parent(s). Recipients of the scholarship fund will be based on need, desire and talent. Helping to keep the arts alive, youth (age 20 and under) are eligible for scholarships by means of nomination. Upon nominating youth, the required process continues with the candidate creating and submitting an essay. The essay must be submitted & received, no later than 14 days from the original nomination date. All scholarships will be awarded in our Concert Art Shows with advance notification to parent(s) and youth. Our Board of Directors reserves all rights to disqualification based on missing information as listed above, as your guide line. We wish you success!

The essay script must include answers to both of the following questions: (in 200 words or less)

1) Why do I want to pursue music or art? 

2) Why I would be unable to achieve this goal without this scholarship?

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The Concert Art Shows are produced by Saint Pierre with the cultural arts in Ventura. Established in 2009, our mission is the convergence of the visual arts & the performing arts together. Our efforts benefit the artists and our fund raising cause: Music And Art For Youth" by helping the needy kids 9- 19 years old    . 

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